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Shotgun Work

The high performance shotgun barrel would consist of a lengthened forcing cone, back boring (if the bore is undersized) setting the choke up to your needs, or install choke tubes and barrel porting.

Stops muzzle bounce and gives you better control for fast follow-up shots. Helps to reduce recoil. Minimizes cheek slap.



Lengthening Forcing Cone
Helps to reduce recoil. Improves the pattern up to 15%. Allows the shot to leave the shell and enter the barrel much rnore gradually which results in less deformed shot.

Lengthening Forcing Cone

Chokes modified to your own style of shooting. Screw in choke tube conversions to give your shotgun total flexibility, without altering the appearance of your gun.

   Tube sets: These allow shooting of different gauges in one gun.
   Choketube conversions: 99% of all guns ever made can be fit with either lead shot or steel shot choketubes.


Muzzle Brakes
Reduces recoil up to 80%. 100% money back guarantee.

Muzzle Brakes

   Muzzle Brake - How & Why It Works - click here
   Muzzle Brake Comparison Chart - click here

Accurizing Bolt Actions
Accuracy is repetition. Everything needs to be identical from shot to shot each time the rifle is used. With a properly accurized rifle your point of impact should stay the same from year to year unless you change the loads you are using.

  Glass Bedding:
The rifle is bedded so the gun fits into the stock with a 1:1 fit. When done properly the gun cannot move in the stock. There is no flexing or torque on the action. I do bed the barrel channel and free float the barrel so there is no way the barrel will ever come in contact with the stock.
  Re-cutting the crown: About 70% of factory rifles have an imperfect crown. If you think of a bullet like a rocket taking off, if there was more gas pressure on one side at launching than the other, there is no way the rocket would fly straight. The same exact thing happens as the bullet leaves the barrel. A light cut is made to true the crown.
  Trigger Work: The trigger is corrected to have a crisp brake with no sensation of movement or roughness and set at a weight of pull that does not cause your hand muscles to tense up. This has a big impact on being able to keep the crosshairs on target, especially at long range.

Custom Rifles

Custom Rifles

I have had extremely good results with Douglas and Lilja. However, if you have a preference I will use it.

I have a preference for Remington bolt actions. They are lightweight, easy to accurize and come with excellent triggers. However, all current commercial actions on the market today are good.

I only build fiberglass stocks. I use McMillan blanks. They take a bit of work, but the end result is one of the finest stocks available.


Expert Gun Re-Bluing

Expert Gun Re-bluing

Finest Recoil Pad Installations

Recoil Pad

Complete Gun Reconditioning

Gun Reconditioning

Repairing of Current or Classic Shotguns and Rifles



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